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M. Berrigan Land Surveying is a locally owned and operated Land Surveying company in Antigonish County. We are well positioned to serve central and Northeastern Nova Scotia, and Southern Cape Breton with the ability to venture anywhere in the province if needed.

Our goal is to understand and meet our clients needs while ensuring the most cost-efficient survey solution to suit both the public and private sectors.

We employ a Nova Scotia Land Surveyor, Professional Engineer, and field staff who work together to deliver the project on-time and on-budget.




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Retracement Plans: 
This includes determination and posting of property boundaries using legal survey evidence. The plan is registered with the Land Registry Office. Required for: new home construction in some municipalities, building fences and retaining walls along property lines, landscaping, solving boundary disputes, etc.

Topographic Surveys: 
Topographic surveys show the physical features and elevations within a site and are used by architects, engineers and planners for their design purposes. Required for: new home construction, house renovations and additions.

Subdivision Plan: 
Divides a property into two or more new Lots and sets the boundaries. The plan shows the surveyed boundaries and numbering and dimensions of lots. A preliminary plan is initially prepared for client and municipality approval. Final subdivision plans are submitted to the Municipal Planning authority for registration.


  • Excavation Layouts
  • Layouts (Gridlines)
  • Foundation and Form Surveys

Mortgage Certificates: 
Building location certificates may be required by municipalities and financial institutions during the process of purchasing or building a home. A building location certificate is a plan showing the existing structures on site as well as their setbacks to the property lines.


Using precise leveling and scanning tools, infrastructure can be monitored for any lateral or vertical movements. Repeated measurements determine the amount of movement that has taken place over a period of time. The information can be used by Geotechnical Engineers to evaluate the stability of the infrastructure and determine a course of action. 

Lease Surveys: 
Prepared to agree with the legal lease agreement between the lessor and lessee.

Easement/Right of Way: 
Easement and right of way plans are used to show various rights of ownership over another party's land. Typically used for access to property and utilities. 

54 St. Mary's Street

Antigonish, nova scotia




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